Saturday, 27 August 2016

Dance Plus 2 Episode 18: 28th August 2016, Performances Videos Hotstar

Posted by Suyash jain
Remo D'Souza's Star Plus aired Dance reality show Dance +2 reached to the new level when there will be no Ratings from the Judge and Captains but it's all depends onto the Public Hands. Now onward Public Votes will be Counted to select the Finalists of the Dance Plus Season 2. Here is the Dance Plus 2 28th August 2016 Performances Videos.

dance plus 2 captains

We have Seen the Dances from the Four Contestants Ele Angels, Ming Ma, Wild Ripperz and Bandits Crew out of Top 8 and now there will be the Performances of the Tanay Malhara, Sushant Khatri, Piyush Bhagat and Urban Singh Crew.

Sonakshi Sinha becomes guest onto the Dance +2 reality show. She promoted her movie and also shown us her Dancing and Singing skills.

Sonakshi Sinha's Dance moves in Dance +2

Tanay Malhara Impresses Sonakshi Sinha - Dance +2 (paani da rang dekh ke Song)

Little Tanay’s super- flexible moves has won the #Akira superstar Sonakshi Sinha’s heart!

Watch Dance Plus 2 Tonight 8 PM on Star Plus. You can Watch the Full Episode on Hotstar Official Website. Public Voting Lines are open as Power is in public hands to make the India's next Dance Sensation.

Also See - Dance Plus 2 Voting Details for Top 8 Contestants

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Dance Plus 2 Episode 17: 27th August 2016 with Sonakshi Sinha, Videos

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It's Again Weekend Saturday and It's time for the Battle among the Top 8 selected Contestants in Dance Plus. Bollywood celebrity Sonakshi Sinha becomes guest onto the Dance reality show and it was the unlimited fun among the contestants, Show host, mentors, super judge and guest Soankshi Sinha.


Sonakshi Sinha promoted her upcoming thriller film Akira where she is playing fighter woman role. She had amazing time with the Talented Contestants. She shakes her legs onto the Songs. She shows her dance moves on Songs ‘Gandi Baat’, ‘Chintaa Taa Chintaa Chitaa’, ‘Tere Mast Mast do Nain’. Here is the Pictures Video from the set.

Sonakshi and Remo also dance on Boot Pe Booty Song. Watch Video. Sonakshi and ming ma danced on the Dabanngg Song 'Tere Mast Mast do nain' when ming ma turned police officer

Dance+ 2 | Sonakshi Sinha on stage

Watch Sonakshi Sinha boost up the energy level of the participants with her presence on Dance Plus 2, This Sat-Sun at 8 PM only on STAR Plus.

Dance+ 2 | Bandits in SlowMo

The B.A.N.D.I.T.S have impressed everyone with their SlowMo! Watch them steal the lime-light on Dance Plus 2

Tanay Malhara also had amazing dance leaves everyone. Sonakshi Sinha amzaed by seeing Tanay's Dance Performance. Watch and Download Tanay' Dance video.

Keep Watching Dance +2 every Saturday, Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Television Channel. Now Public Voting Started as power is in the People's hand to pick the India's best Dance Icon in Season 2.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dance Plus 2 Public Voting Details, SMS Missed Call Number - Online Voting

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Super Judge Remo D'souza and their 3 Kay Captains or mentors did amazing job the sort of the Top 8 contestants after the Auditions round and Power Packed Performances by every Episodes. Now Remo D'Souza handed over the entire Decision to the Public to Select the Iconic Dancer of the Country. see the Dance Plus 2 Top 8 Contestants names and How to Vote For them. Follow the Dance +2 Star Plus Voting Details.


We have Seen 3 Different ways to Vote for Dance Plus Season 1. In Last Season we have seen 3 Voting alternatives 1) Using Missed Call 2) Using Twitter an 3) Using Hike Message now Here is How you can Vote for Dance +2 Contestants. See the Public Voting Details.

See the Names of  Top 8 Contestants Names and Voting Details.

1) Piyush Bhagat (Team Shakti Mohan)
    To vote for Piyush Bhagat Miss Call at :

2) Ming Ma (Team Punit Pathak)
    To vote for Ming Ma Miss Call at :18008333350

3) Sushant Khatri (Team Shakti Mohan)
    To vote for Sushant Khatri Miss Call at :

4) Urban Singh Crew (Team Punit Pathak)
    To vote for USC Miss Call at :

5) BANDITS Crew (Team Shakti)
    To vote for Bandits Crew Miss Call at : 18008333354

6) Wild Ripperz (Team Dharmesh)
    To vote for Wild Rippers group Miss Call at :18008333349

7) Tanay Malhara (Team Dharmesh)
    To vote for Tanay Malhara Miss Call at :

8) Ellie Angels (Team Punit Pathak)
    To vote for EleAngles Miss Call at :18008333347

Note: Voting Lines Closes 10 PM

Details will be revealed Here. Stay Tuned to See the Voting, SMS message and Online Voting Details. Keep Watching Dance Plus 2 Every Saturday, Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus.

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Dance Plus 2 Top 8 Contestants Names: Remo D'Souza Bend the Rules

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Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus Season 2 reached to the Thrilling Journey and now it was tough time for the Super Judge Remo D'Souza to Select the Finale Contestant for the Top 6 after the Performances of the Top 10. However Remo D'Souza selected two more artists and made the Top 8 Contestants of Dance +2

dance plus 2 top 8

Remo D'Souza Selected Wild Ripperz as the Sixth Contestants and which make it the Top 8 and Remo later announced that I can't braak the rule but i can bend the rule. So just like the Dance Plus Season 1, Remo makes Dance Plus Top 6 to Dance Plus Top 8. Yeah, Again we have Dance Plus Top 8 Contestants List as Finalists

1) Piyush Bhagat (Team Shakti Mohan)
2) Ming Ma (Team Punit Pathak)
3) Sushant Khatri (Team Shakti Mohan)
4) Urban Singh Crew (Team Punit Pathak)
5) BANDITS Crew (Team Shakti)
6) Wild Ripperz (Team Dharmesh)
7) Tanay Malhara (Team Dharmesh)
8) Ellie Angels (Team Punit Pathak)

Tanay Malhara and Elli Angels are the Lucky Contestants who get into the Top 8 List of  Dance Plus 2.

Team Shakti, Team Dharmesh and Team Punit Pathak have tough time to train their contestants and now only one is going to be the Winner of Dance Plus 2 Based on the Public Voting. Who is your Favorite Contestants among the Top 8 and Who deserves to Win the Show ?
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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dance Plus 2 Episode 16: 21st August 2016 Videos Performances

Posted by Suyash jain
Today is Judgment Day when Only one going to get into the Final Spot of Top 6. There are 10 artists and only one seat left in Top 6 contestants of Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus 2 reality show. Here is the Dance +2 Episode 16 of 21st August 2016 Videos Performances Updates.

dance plus star plus

Last Night we have seen the Performances from the Contestants Famous Crew, Ele Angles, Tanay Malhara, Yo Highness and Faizan Malik (Bindass Faizy) performed. Now remaining contestants Shazia Samji, Wild Rippers, X1X will try their best to impresss the Super Judge Remo D'Souza.

There will not be any Final Showdown, Remo Sir will directly select the Final contestants who gets into the Top 6 list. Here is the Dance Plus 2 Episode 16: 21st August Performance videos.

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Dance Plus 2 Episode 15: 20th August 2016 Performances Videos

Posted by Suyash jain
It's only one slot left for the Dance Plus Top 6 and it's gonna be amazing battle among the contestants to secure their place in the Last seat. who makes to the Top 6 is really interesting to see. Here is the Dance Plus 2 Episode 15 of 20th August 2016 Updates.

wild rippers

The Captains have a new challenge up their sleeve! Here is the Performance Video Snippet of the Episode 15 of 20th August 2016. Faizan Malik got direct wild card Contestant entry into the Season and he joined the remaining contestants who struggling to get into the Top 6. Dance Plus 2 Episode 15 of 20th August 2016 giving the Goosebumps. Here is the Highlights of the Video.

Dance+ 2 | B-Boying Wild Ripperz

Wild Ripperz's super-amazing performance will surely impress everyone! Power packed B-Boying Crew Wild Rippers gave their Strong Performance and impressed everyone. No one in Dance Plus gave such Power Packed Performance. See the Wild Rippers Dance Plus 2 Performance Video of 20th August 2016 of Episode 15 which gives Goosebumps

Watch Dance Plus 2 every Saturday, Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Television channel. Tune in to see who gets Entry into Top 6 among the remaining Contestants artists.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Faizan Malik Dance Plus 2 Contestant Bindast Faizy Dance Video

Posted by Suyash jain
Faizan Malik is the Dance Plus Season 1 contestant who left First Season because of Injury and Remo D'SOuza Promised him to get 'Bindas Faizy' Directly into Season 2. Unfortunately Mokshada (Dance +2 Contestat) can't Perform. So Faizan Malik joined the Dharmesh Sir Team.



Meet Faizan Malik Dance Plus 2 Contestant who managed to Impress Remo Sir and Mentors Shakti, Dharmesh and Punit by Performing the Power Packed Dance

HE Started Dancing when he was 3 years old. His Journey from Start to Going at Dance Plus was not Easy. He is very confident guy who gives hundred person. He took inspiration from multiple Hardworking People. He felt bed when he left the Dance Plus Season 1 because of Injury.

Dance is Happiness for Faizan Malik.

Welcome Back Bindast Faizy to the Dance +2

Bindass Faizi (Dance Plus Season 1 Video)

Faizan Malik (Bindast Fizai) Interview video

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