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Meet FAMOUS Dancing Crew in Dance Plus 2, Performance Videos

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Here is one more Power-packed Dancing crew named "Family of United Swagger" better known as FAM.O.U.S who are Street Style Dancers. They are very popular Dancing crew known for their unique next level dancing and After getting several awards from years, they are now Contestant of India's one of the best Dance reality show Dance+ 2

Famous Dance Crew in Dance+ 2
They performs Waacking, Locking, Krumping, B-Boying, Electro, Hip-Hop altogether in their dance and each member in crew is specialized in their style which creates perfect combo altogether. They are Unique Dancers Crew who blends International steps in Indian styles. FAM.O.U.S (Family Of United Swaggers) is an All/Mixed Street Styles Dance crew from Mumbai(India).

Wiki About Famous Dancing Crew in Dance Plus 2

Established on 06-04-2013, This Unison was initiated by Our Crew Leader Abhishek Das.

Motto of FAM. O.U.S aka Famous Dancing crew :

1) We want To Represent Ourselves To Our Very Best and We Strongly Believe The Bestest Gift An Artist can Give Someone is "INSPIRATION"

2) We Want to Inspire Each And Everyone Through Our Work and Touch The Lives Of People In Our Own Ways .

3) We Want To Promote All The Street Dances in Each N Every Part Of India Possible and Help People Know About The Authenticity and Traditional Aspects of Different Cultures And Gradually make India as One Of The HotSpots For Street Dancing.

4) Our Aim is to Take Street Dancing To Another Level and Change India's StereoType Mentality About Street Dance Styles.

LOGO: Our Logo Signifies the Strength of the Family where Each Member of the Crew Contributes by their Unique Style, Uniting to form a star that Glistens Always Living up to being FAM.O.U.S.

Members Of the Crew :

Abhishek Das ( Leader)
Shubhankar 'Hectik' Gawde
Tejasvi 'Tee J' Patil
Hitesh 'SupaHit' Bhandari
Ayushi 'Ice' Amrute
Ujwal 'TrickTile' Gupta
Indrajit 'Mike-o-Flex' Kumawat
Lalu 'Bboy Chocolate' Maykal
Pratik Shetty
Prithvinath Prabhakaran
Rohit 'Rawhit' Koduri
Akshay Suresh
Esha Acharya
Shri Ram.

They Performed on Song "Nimuda Nimuda" during the Auditions. (Video)

TUNG TUNG BAJE / Freestyle Guest Showcase at Thakur College / FAM.O.U.S Crew India. (Video)



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