Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dance Plus 2 Top 8 Contestants Names: Remo D'Souza Bend the Rules

Posted by Suyash jain
Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus Season 2 reached to the Thrilling Journey and now it was tough time for the Super Judge Remo D'Souza to Select the Finale Contestant for the Top 6 after the Performances of the Top 10. However Remo D'Souza selected two more artists and made the Top 8 Contestants of Dance +2

dance plus 2 top 8

Remo D'Souza Selected Wild Ripperz as the Sixth Contestants and which make it the Top 8 and Remo later announced that I can't braak the rule but i can bend the rule. So just like the Dance Plus Season 1, Remo makes Dance Plus Top 6 to Dance Plus Top 8. Yeah, Again we have Dance Plus Top 8 Contestants List as Finalists

1) Piyush Bhagat (Team Shakti Mohan)
2) Ming Ma (Team Punit Pathak)
3) Sushant Khatri (Team Shakti Mohan)
4) Urban Singh Crew (Team Punit Pathak)
5) BANDITS Crew (Team Shakti)
6) Wild Ripperz (Team Dharmesh)
7) Tanay Malhara (Team Dharmesh)
8) Ellie Angels (Team Punit Pathak)

Tanay Malhara and Elli Angels are the Lucky Contestants who get into the Top 8 List of  Dance Plus 2.

Team Shakti, Team Dharmesh and Team Punit Pathak have tough time to train their contestants and now only one is going to be the Winner of Dance Plus 2 Based on the Public Voting. Who is your Favorite Contestants among the Top 8 and Who deserves to Win the Show ?


  1. XIX crew is better than Elie Angles. Don't know why you put elle angles into top 8

  2. where is our delhi girl,,,,, dynamite,,,,, mokshda jailkhani

  3. Team Shakti Mohan is BANDITS Crew to be a winner in dance plus 2